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I have always had a passion for music. I remember attending my ‘Kinder Music’ lessons with such excitement at the age of four, which I now see was the beginnings of my amazing career. 

After finishing school I enrolled in a Music Production course college. At this point, I was already fronting a band and dabbling in the recording side of things. I started playing more live shows and discovered that I also had an interest in the live music business.

College finished and I entered the world of work. I carried on playing in various bands throughout the years, helping mates out with managerial duties, touring in various roles alongside juggling a succession of dead-end jobs.

In 2011, I studied Live Sound and Tour Production course at BIMM, and it changed my life. Within a couple of months of starting, I was offered a position at a booking agency, along with working as a Promoter Rep on shows for local and national promoters, and as part of Production on many major festivals across the U.K. 

Beating Hearts Agency was created in 2017, after finishing with the previous agency and found that as well as booking shows, I could offer consultancy for artists, pulling on my past personal knowledge of touring and understanding the day-to-day issues that Artists face making music their career.

My other work includes being a Senior Event Control Manager, on large-scale events, protests, and festivals across the U.K. and Europe.

During the pandemic, I have been busy taking on Key Worker roles and volunteering for projects related to the events industry. I am the Secretary for Brighton E:P:I:C (Event Professionals Independent Committee), have got involved in the national #LightItInRed campaigns, supported our friends raising funds on the #SurvivalTour, and helped put together the Silent Nights industry fundraiser alongside #WeMakeEvents and #ExcludedUK. 

"Beating Hearts has secured us several profitable and well-organised UK tours for Cold in Berlin. Terri is always on hand to assist while on the road. Have recommended them to friends who now enjoy being on the roster". - Cold In Berlin

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