I have always had a passion for music. I remember attending my ‘Kinder Music’ lessons with such excitement at the age of four, which lead on to learning many instruments with the thought that I would go on to study classical music as a degree to become a school teacher…

After my GCSE’s I decided to shake things up and instead of staying on at the sixth form, to everyone’s surprise I enrolled onto a music production course at a college in a larger town. At this point I was already fronting a rock band and dabbling in the recording side of things. I started playing more live shows and suddenly found I also had an interest in learning about the live music business.


College finished, I put a pause on education, and I entered the world of work. I carried on playing in various bands throughout the years, helping mates out with managerial duties, touring in various roles alongside juggling a succession of dead-end jobs. It was around this time that I made the move to Brighton.

In 2011, after an eight-year hiatus, I discovered a Live Sound and Tour Production course at BIMM, and it changed my life. I did every internship and work experience opportunity I could grab my hands on and worked my butt off! Within a couple of months of starting at the university I was offered a position to work at another booking agency, along with working as a promoter representative on shows for local and national promoters and working in production on many major festivals in the UK. 


Beating Hearts Agency was born in 2017, I'd just finished working with the previous agency and although it taught me a lot about the booking basics it also showed me where I could make improvements on running the business. I found that as well as booking shows, I could offer consultancy for up-and-coming artists, pulling on my past personal knowledge of touring and understanding the day to day issues that musicians may face making music their career.


When I'm not working, I love to spend my time watching Drag Queens, DJing at nights / events across Brighton, attending shows and festivals and hanging out with Harrison Ford.

"Beating Hearts has secured us several profitable and well organised UK tours for Cold in Berlin. Terri is always on hand to assist while on the road. Have recommended her to friends who now enjoy being on the roster". - Cold In Berlin

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