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  • Terri-Sian Fairs


04:45 ALARM First things first... a coffee

05:30 Shower

Get ready and double check everything is packed for the weekend

07:25 Book taxi

07:40 Arrive at station, grab lunch and settle on the train

07:59 Train leaves Brighton

09:10 Arrive at London Bridge, jump in an Uber

10:00 LOAD IN 10:10 Sort rider (water and snacks in dressing rooms, rest presented well in green room area)

10:15 Set up my desk for the day

10:30 CMA Staff arrive

10:35 Coffee!

10:30 Tidy up dressing rooms, remove rubbish and put up signage

10:40 Set up coffee/ tea area and fill Urn

10:45 Catch up with CMA and ask about plans around VIP drinks and Meet and Greet

11:00 Speak to Duty Manager about a few quieries

Hand over pass sheets to security Make sure certain people are on the list to have parking behind venue Who am I giving guest list to – Front box office I need hand towels for dressing rooms Toliet paper needs replenishing in main Green Room toilet Guitar tech arriving at 15:00, given name to front door

Sort meet and greet plan out with venue

11:30 Go through venue's meet and greet plan with CMA snd make sure everyone is happy Ask if they have issues/ questions

12:15 Speak to Duty Manager about a few more quieries WiFi still needs sorting – waiting for IT to come and sort it out Toliet needs looking at in the red dressing room

12:25 Ask Ginger Owl about remaining rider and cups for drinks

12:30 Sit down and catch up on to do list and emails

12:40 Eat lunch

12:45 Sort toilet with maintence

12:50 Lighting on stage being set

13:00 Speak to CMA about interview quiery from Artist

13:20 Go over last little bits with CMA VIP drinks, which entrance will they use Security for meet and greet

More water needed for catering rider

Ed Sheeran may be coming to watch the show, need to make sure there's enough security in place and that his car can park back stage last minute

13:30 Talk Duty Manager about these

14:00 Deal with artist phone call, sort out their query about accreditation

14:15 Talk to bar manager about VIP Drinks and sorting out buckets of ice for back stage

14:00 PA starts being rung out by techs

14:25 Look at emails

14:40 Set up water and towels in each dressing room

15:00 Ask about when my internet problem will be resolved 15:05 Guitar tech arrives

15:30 Coffee stop (very important!)

15:40 Finally have internet!

16:00 Chase John Henry's for hired stools and guitar stands

16:05 Get bigger ice buckets for the green room and fill with beer 16:30 Sort Will Call/ box office with guest list and passes 16:45 Delivery of back line/ stools

16:45 Make sure catering rider is ready for artists (display sandwiches and unpack beer etc)


17:00 Locate guitar stands

17:05 finish that coffee from an hour ago!

17:30 Make sure stage is set up with waters Grab holding image from CMA

Brief Security on VIP bar

Make sure venue is ready to open VIP bar

Make sure CMA are ready for us to open VIP bar


18:15 Brief Security

18:20 Make sure venue is ready to open

18:25 Make sure CMA are ready for us to open

18:30 DOORS 18:35 Run over to box office with missing tickets 18:55 Check emails and catch up on messages 19:00 Ask CMA if they need anything/ are they happy? 19:05 Bottle opener needed for backstage

19:30 Make sure everyone has everything that they need before going on stage


20:10 Catch up on emails


22:30 Artists off stage 22:45 MEET AND GREET (Half hour)

23:30 LOAD OUT

23:35 Leave O2 Arena

23:45 Arrive at accommodation

00:00 Shower Sort bags out for tomorrow (First day at C2C)

00:45 Lights out

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