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DEPARTMENT: Booking Assistant – Due to the other work that I do, there may be opportunities to shadow me on shows/ festivals/ events.

CONTACT: Terri-Sian Lugosi -


Beating Hearts is a boutique booking agency working to raise artist profiles by providing quality performance schedules across the U.K. and Europe.

With the understanding of the high level of a personal and financial investment required to maintain bands in a today's market, means the appointment of a dedicated and efficient booking agent, to oversee the running of a busy calendar is vitally important.

With first hand knowledge across various roles within the live music industry, Beating Hearts is able to deliver a unique experience, offering consultation and guidance every step of the way.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Research to help expand existing databases.

Pitch out artists for shows, supports and festival slots, routing tours and liaising with clients.

Complete paperwork needed for shows and to help with other admin.

Assist with social networking including helping put content together for the Beating Hearts blog on our website. Assist at any out of office engagements, this could be a show that we've curated or a networking event that we've been invited to.

We would ideally work 1-2 days per week from the office based in Brighton. I may ask you to occasionally work from home when I am working away. HOURS PER DAY: 6-8 hours, with regular breaks.

ANY TRAINING? We regularly attend business coaching and networking events in Brighton. I am always on the look out for new opportunities for us to grow as a company and feel that training is a great way to expand.


If you are interested in applying, please send your CV and cover letter to #internship #beatingheartsagency #fancylearningsomethingnew #smallbusiness #lookingforanintern

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