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Keeping positive work cultures is vitally important here at Beating Hearts Agency HQ, it is the character and personality of the agency. It's what makes us unique and is the sum of our values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviours and attitudes.

It attracts clients and employees, drives engagement, impacts happiness and satisfaction, affects performance and the personality of BHA is influenced by everything.

This month we are looking behind the scenes at what we have in place to encourage and support our team and everyone who is involved within the Beating Hearts Family.

Positive attitudes and positive actions make for a positive work culture!

Here is what we have put in place at BHA HQ: Inclusive work environment, where everyone is valued, supported and nurtured. Open and honest communication between the team and artists. A strict no tolerance, open-door policy and a complaint procedure in place. Encouraged to keep the workspace tidy. We are a green workplace. Continued training opportunities. Regular work experience opportunities offered. Regular breaks encouraged. We promote transparency and collaborations within the company. Always celebrate personal wins and praise achievements. Fun is always encouraged! Ask clients and co-workers for feedback on how we can make improvements. Monthly newsletter. Always act of feedback received. Document regular work processes and procedures. Harrison the office dog! We also feel that organised and positive workspace helps productivity. I know that having reminders of personal achievements around me inspires me to push myself to my very best, plus it's great to see how far I have come since I started working in the live music industry again eight years ago.

What do you feel is most important in your workplace? Feel free to drop us any suggestions or comments you may have. We are always looking to improve!

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